We’re here to get you feeling better, whether you’re in your local Quinn clinic or in your own home. Online physical therapy, also known as virtual, or telehealth PT, is an effective way to continue treatment when an in-person visit to a clinic isn’t possible. Our goal is to get you the right healthcare at the right time. If you are having trouble accessing your therapist at your scheduled time of visit, please give our reception team a call at 408-252-6076

Before your Telehealth appointment

Our admin team will send you a consent form to verify permission for digital physical therapy services. This must be completed prior to your first virtual visit. At the time of your scheduled visit, you will receive an email from your physical therapist with a personalized link for access to your session. Your session will then be conducted via google meet, a HIPAA compliant platform.

Will my insurance cover Telehealth?

Most insurances will cover Telehealth similar to their in-network benefits with Quinn PT. We will verify your insurance to confirm your coverage. If you do not have benefits for Telehealth, we also offer a cash rate for this service.

What does a Telehealth session look like?

Each session is 30 minutes with your physical therapist. During this time we will access your condition, address your concerns and progress your program just like in a normal PT session. We will have you go through your exercises with 1-on-1 instruction and correction if needed.

Tips for your Telehealth Visit

  1. Use Google Chrome for your virtual visit
  2. Using a cell phone or laptop is preferred over a desktop computer as we may need you to move the camera to see the full body for exercises.
  3. Dress in comfortable clothing that you can easily move in.
  4. Find a well lit, quiet and clear space so that you will not be disturbed – we encourage the visit is free of pets, furniture, and other possible distractions.
  5. For any activities that may require balance, position yourself near heavy furniture or counters that are approximately waist height. We want to ensure your safety at all times.