Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why are people referred to physical therapy?

Your doctor may refer you to physical therapy because of a movement dysfunction associated with pain. Your difficulty with moving part(s) of your body very likely results in limitations with your daily activities (e.g., difficulty getting out of a chair, an inability to play sports, or trouble with walking, etc.). Physical therapists treat these movement dysfunctions and their associated pains and restore your body’s ability to move in normally.

Can I go directly to my physical therapist?

What do physical therapists do?

Why is physical therapy a good choice?

How do I choose a physical therapy clinic?

Why should I choose a private physical therapy practice?

Can I go to any physical therapy clinic?


How do I prepare for my first visit?

During your first visit you can expect the following:

  • Arrive at your appointment with your paperwork completed (you can download it from our website – see the paperwork or forms link).
  • You will provide us with your referral for physical therapy if you have one. If you don’t have a referral, let us know when you schedule your first visit with us (note – a referral is not always needed).
  • We will copy your ID and insurance card

What do I need to bring with me?

I am attending covered by Workers’ Compensation, how do I begin my care?

How should I dress?

What does the first visit with a physical therapist look like?


How long will each treatment last?

Your initial treatment will last approximately 60 minutes with follow up visits lasting 30-45 minutes.

How many visits will I need?

Who will see me?

Are there physical therapy specialists?

What types of treatment will I receive?

Will I get a massage at physical therapy?

Is physical therapy painful?

What happens if my problem or pain returns?

What will I have to do after physical therapy?

If I am receiving physical therapy at an additional facility, or am working on two different body parts am I able to come to PT twice in the same day?


Who pays for the treatment?

In most cases, health insurance will cover your treatment. Click on our insurance link above for a summary of insurances we accept. Contact our receptionist request to speak with our billing department so we can help you clarify your insurance coverage.

How does the billing process work?

If I don’t have insurance, am I still able to receive treatment?

Is it possible for me to obtain an itemized receipt?