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"I see Tyler at your Cupertino location. Tyler Jackson is a great therapist. Not just me, but my husband and my daughter have been seeing Tyler and he is the BEST therapist."
Mar 27, 2017
"Catered exactly to what I need. Asher Understood my pain with detailed questions and evaluation."
Feb 28, 2017
"Great practice"
Jan 19, 2017


“I have big KUDOS for one of my long time fav therapists, Kirsten Sylvester! I can say that I’ve had my best experience a person could have at physical therapy. My PT session with Kirsten last Friday was AWESOME. She really worked the muscles that needed so much attention! I was so impressed by her understanding of what I needed to relieve the stiffness and limited mobility in my neck and shoulders.

The movements in her technique to rotate and stretch my neck and shoulders muscles were absolutely perfect! I could feel all the muscles in those areas waking up and heating up! And to top it off with heat and electrical stimulation was heavenly.

Quinn PT has always come through for me…there’s no place like it! Serious!”


“You guys were (are) the best. You get to know your patients, what drives them, where and how they can push themselves, how to motivate them. I went to Quinn based on the fabulous reviews from a prior patient, my ten-year-old daughter! She told the truth. Thanks guys.”

Brian B.

“The first day that I came for a session of physical therapy, I hardly could move my left arm, because the pain in my shoulder was almost unbearable. Starting that day little by little, and session after session I regained the movement of my arm, improved my posture and learned exercises to keep my shoulder strong and pain free. The success of the physical therapy in my case, is not only because excellent professionals helped me to get better but that those professionals are very nice and caring people. Thanks from the bottom of heart. (or shoulder?)”

Mariaeugenia S.

“My experience at Quinn Orthopedic has been extremely positive, and I would recommend their services to anyone who asks. The staff, therapists, and aides are kind, caring and patient. When I began physical therapy with Rebecca Bond I had severe neck pain. Activities with my family were extremely limited, and I was feeling quite down. I had tried many other treatments – injections, acupuncture, other physical therapy and rolfing – but nothing worked. I was losing hope that the neck pain would ever go away. A friend referred me to Rebecca Bond. Within a few months of specialized exercises and physical therapy techniques, my neck flare-ups disappeared. I then worked on strengthening my upper back and neck muscles. While I may get a pull in my neck from time to time, I am free of pain for the most part. I am also back to activities that I used to enjoy. The best moment was climbing Vernal Falls in Yosemite with my husband and children.”

Janet J.

“I have found my experience with the staff of Quinn Orthopedic to be nothing short of outstanding. From the help at their front desk getting on their short-notice/cancellation list to processing annoying insurance paperwork to the phenomenal Physical Therapists and aides who are so well educated in their ability to help relieve pain and provide stretches and exercises ‘to reduce the risk of future reoccurrences’. I cannot say enough about the positive experiences I have had in dealing with this group and would recommend their services (and have) to anyone who could benefit from them.”

Colleen G.

“Greetings and thanks for your help on my road to recovery. I arrived at Quinn Orthopedics in November or December with lower back ache pain. After 5 visits and the guidance of some home exercises, I am feeling much better. I also have a better understanding of how my muscles work in relation to my back. Quinn Orthopedic also helped me recover from a broken foot several years ago. It was an easy decision to use Quinn again to help with my back. The staff has always been friendly, caring, knowledgeable and professional!! Thanks again for your help. Happy New Year.”

Steve P.

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